CoolSculpting: Eliminating Stubborn Fat Without Surgery

CoolSculpting: Eliminating Stubborn Fat Without Surgery

Unless you’re a regular triathlon athlete or a champion competitor on “American Ninja Warrior,” it’s a pretty good bet you’ve got some unwanted fat hanging around on your body, especially in areas like your belly, back, thighs, upper arms, or butt — even under your chin. And if you’re like most people, you probably even go to fairly great lengths to hide your bulges, making good use of bulky sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, or other loose-fitting clothes to camouflage those areas.

Sure, it’d be nice to cut the subterfuge and actually get rid of stubborn fat. And sometimes, diet and exercise can help you get to where you want to be in terms of how slim and sleek you look. But more often, there are areas of fat that just won’t budge, no matter how many reps you do or how serious you are about counting those calories. That’s when you need to seek out other solutions.

Alternative to liposuction

Yes, liposuction is one option for getting rid of unwanted deposits of fat — but it’s a surgical procedure, and that means it involves incisions, general anesthesia, lots of bruising and discomfort afterward, and a fair amount of downtime until you start feeling like yourself again. Plus, like any surgery, liposuction has some risks associated with it, as well as a pretty big price tag.

So does that mean you have to resign yourself to a lifetime of XXL sweaters and baggy jeans? Not at all. CoolSculpting® can help you get rid of stubborn deposits of loose, jiggly fat without surgery, anesthesia, or incisions. Plus, the CoolSculpting procedure can be performed right in our office at a much, much lower cost than liposuction.

The power of cool

Liposuction works by sucking out the fat that’s trapped under your skin. During the surgical procedure, the doctor makes one or more incisions into the treatment area, then inserts a long tube that loosens and vacuums out fat. That means the fat is gone for good. It also means you have at least one incision site — and a lot of discomfort during recovery.

CoolSculpting takes a noninvasive approach, which means you can still get rid of stubborn fat — for good — but without the need for incisions and suction tubes. Instead, CoolSculpting uses a special device that’s placed on top of your skin, right over the area you’re having treated. The CoolSculpting device emits cooling energy that extends deep under your skin where stubborn fat “hides.” That focused, cooling energy actually freezes fat cells, breaking them down and destroying them. Over time, your body’s waste system carries the liquefied debris away, and you’re left with a slimmer, sleeker profile.

CoolSculpting treatment: What to expect

CoolSculpting treatments are done right in our office, and each treatment can take from about a half an hour to an hour, depending on what area you’re having treated. You can have more than one area treated in a single visit, and during your treatment, you’ll be able to lie back and relax, listen to music, read — even nap.

Since CoolSculpting uses cold energy to destroy fat cells, you might feel a little chilly at first until your body becomes acclimated to the treatment. To make sure the cold energy reaches the target area, the CoolSculpting device uses gentle suction to draw the area closer to the cooling device. Some patients say this feels like mild tugging or pulling on the skin. Like the cold feeling you experience at first, these sensations also dissipate as the area is numbed by the cold.

Recovery and results

There’s no downtime with CoolSculpting, so you can get back to your normal routine after your treatment. You might have some redness, itching, numbness, tingling, or tenderness in the treatment area, and there may even be a little swelling. These effects are all temporary and usually resolve within a few days to a couple of weeks or so.

It can take a few weeks before you start to see results (it takes some time for your body to flush out the fatty debris), and most patients report that they see optimal results at about two months after their treatment. Your body will continue to flush out remaining debris for about two or three months after that, revealing a slimmer, sleeker you.

Learn more about CoolSculpting

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