How Tempsure Can Treat Saggy Skin and Improve Your Jaw Line

How Tempsure Can Treat Saggy Skin and Improve Your Jaw Line

It’s likely no surprise to you that the skin of your face and neck changes as you get older. Many of these changes come about as a result of the loss of collagen and other tissues in the middle layer of your skin, the dermis. This layer supports and moisturizes the epidermis, the outer layer, which loses elasticity and youthful resilience once collagen levels subside.

Though collagen levels fall off by about one percent per year after your mid-20s, your body retains the ability to manufacture new collagen tissue. The only problem is how to start this process. You’ve seen it in action if you’ve ever had a severe cut that leaves a raised, light-colored scar upon healing. That scar is formed by a massive production of collagen, part of the process of repairing your body after the cut.

Collagen induction therapy

What’s needed is a way to trigger this collagen manufacture in an even and controlled way. Collagen normally exists as a matrix in your skin, smooth and even, so producing regenerative collagen in a similar matrix is needed, since a collection of raised collagen scars isn’t a desirable result.

It’s certainly possible to create an even healing response. Many skin rejuvenation techniques accomplish exactly that. Chemical peels and dermabrasion treatments are two systems that create new skin tissue with an even collagen layer. The drawback with these, though, is that your outer skin is also sacrificed, leading to weeks of recovery time as your face heals. Ideally, a method that works only on the dermis layer would be ideal.


Radio energy is perhaps best known for the entertainment form that bears its name. Radio waves exist all around us. These signals originate far away, so they have no effect on your skin, of course. However, controlled radiofrequency energy can selectively warm tissue when a low-level transmitter is used close to your skin. This is the principle behind the Tempsure system.

Your epidermis is quite hardy, exposed as it is to the elements. It acts as a shield and thermal protector for the collagen layer, which is comparatively more delicate. The Tempsure applicator sends tiny bursts of radiofrequency energy through your skin, and this energy is absorbed by the collagen layer. It warms slightly, typically no more than about 10 degrees above your normal body temperature. Tempsure works quickly before your body can react with its temperature-regulating systems. When the collagen layer reaches a certain point, your body perceives damage and sends the signal to clear out old tissue and manufacture new supplies.

Tightening your jawline

As the new collagen matrix forms, two skin-tightening effects occur. First, new collagen tissue adds support for your outer skin. Then, able to attract more moisture to the support layer, your outer skin regains some of its lost elasticity. Used along the skin covering your jaw and neck, you’ll see a new definition with a reduction of sagging skin appearance.

Tempsure can bring these benefits to other problem spots on your face, too. Best of all, there’s no downtime, since your epidermis is unaffected, other than a pleasing warmth through the treatment. You can immediately return to your normal routine after your session.

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