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From skin resurfacing to eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy can get you the anti-aging results you want. Located in Celebration, Florida, Florida Cosmetic Center provides a full range of IPL treatments to make you look and feel your best. With over 16 years of experience, Dr. Arash Pasha leads the team, providing safe and effective treatments to every patient. To schedule your initial consultation, call the office today or book online.

1 / 3 /   $199 / $547 

Fast, Painless Laser Hair Removal for All Skin & Hair Types, Plus Free Personalized Treatment Plans – Fast & Easy – Financing Available – Smooth skin without the cost & hassle of shaving. From bikini to full back and arm hair removal, our laser hair removal is painless and affordable. We treat the entire body for both men and women. We invite you into a complimentary consultation to learn more.

Small / Medium / Large   $95 / $110 / $349

Laser Vein therapy treats spider veins and rosacea for both men and women. While smaller veins may only take 15 minutes to be treated, larger veins may take up to an hour to be treated. Laser/ light therapy is a non-toxic and non-invasive therapy that uses light energy to destroy unwanted cells and veins.

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Cutera’s enlighten® has emerged as the premier solution for laser tattoo removal with the power to clear all ink colors, variable ink particle sizes and densities in fewer treatments. Many factors determine the length of time it takes to remove a tattoo, including its Colors, Size, Age, Location & Depth. Most tattoos require more than one laser tattoo removal treatment and Dr. Pasha may suggest anywhere from two to 10 sessions. After each treatment, your tattoo becomes lighter and less noticeable, and your skin should heal completely between sessions. We offer complimentary consultations.

Small / Medium / Large   $149 / $249 / $349 and up